Muslimska enklaver - den muslimska mobben - en medveten politik?

Jag såg en intressant artikel i Telegraphs nätupplaga och ger här några saxade citat från denna. Redan nu har trakasserier av olika kyrkosamfund och kristna påbörjats i områden med relativt stor andel muslimer, redan nu. Om situationen i dylika områden i Storbrittanien kan te sig så idag när muslimerna fortfarande är i minoritet, hur kommer den då inte att se ut när de blir fler till antalet och befinner sig i majoritet ? Vem kommer då att stå emot den muslimska mobben när de tar över gator, hela stadsdelar och städer genom sitt agressiva uppträdande. Politikerna? Polisen? - Jag tror inte det. Hur många militärt utbildade jihadister kommer det inte då att finnas till hands för att stötta upp dylika krav på rent muslimska områden. Den muslimska mobben har i alla tider fungerat som ulemas förlängda arm. Genom den har den religiösa eliten kunnat upprätthålla renlärighet och underkastelse när den världsliga makten inte förmått upprätthålla ortodoxin.

"... the Bishop of Rochester, the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, who claimed that Islamic extremism in Britain had created no-go areas. His comments have been backed by church leaders in majority Muslim areas who have disclosed that their congregations have been targeted by militant Islamists in a campaign of intimidation which has seen churches vandalised and converts to Christianity attacked. They say that extremists are determined to make non-Muslim residents feel unwelcome, with the ultimate aim of driving them out"....

" ... Bishop Nazir-Ali expressed concern that attempts had been made in some areas to impose an Islamic character, for example by amplifying the call to prayer from mosques. ..."

"... Church leaders in communities with large concentrations of Muslims said that Christians were being targeted. An east London vicar who had delivered Christmas leaflets in his parish said he was told to stay away from "Muslim areas". He said: "Despite this being a mixed area, where Muslims make up only about 15 per cent of the population, I was told that the leaflets were offensive and could make people angry." Another churchman said his path had been blocked by Muslim youths as he drove through a district of Oldham, Lancashire, last year. "They wanted to know why I was coming into 'their' area," he said. A priest ministering in the Manchester district of Rusholme said he knew of "dozens of cases" in which Muslim converts to Christianity had been attacked. Another church leader said that Asian Christians in Leicester feared being identified when leaving churches. "They are scared of being stopped and beaten up if they are found carrying Bibles," he said. None of the church leaders we spoke to wished to be identified for fear of retaliation, but Don Horrocks, of the Evangelical Alliance, said: "It's increasingly difficult for non-Muslims to live in areas of high Muslim density, especially if they are practising Christians."

"Some commentators fear that the aim of Islamist groups such as Tablighi Jamaat, Hizb-ut-Tahir and the Deobandi sect is to drive non-Muslims out of areas such as Dewsbury, in West Yorkshire, and Oldham along with neighbourhoods in Luton, Leicester, Birmingham and Leyton, in east London. The ultra-conservative Deobandi movement, which produced the Taliban in Afghanistan and some of whose British followers preach hatred of Christians, Hindus and Jews, is thought to be in control of almost half of Britain's 1,350 mosques, reports claim. Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, the director of the Barnabas Trust, which helps persecuted Christians, said: "Muslims are being told not to integrate into British society, but to set up separate enclaves where they can operate according to sharia law." He said the process of "cleansing" Muslim-majority areas of non-Muslims had already begun, with white residents urged to leave and churches threatened".

Nedan följer adressen till er som vill läsa artikeln i sin helhet.


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