Populär Egyptisk presidentkandidat hyllar Osama bin Laden som martyr


I denna videosekvens ger den mycket populäre egyptiske presidentkandidaten Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, uttryck för sin beundran och respekt för den döde Osama bin Laden. Som trogna läsare av Islamofoben redan vet vill samme "liberale" muslim även införa strikt sharia med bland annat tvingande islamisk klädkod samt införandet av Jizyia för landets alla icke-muslimer. 


Transkription Translating Jihad:

"And Usama bin Laden—may Allah be pleased with him—may Allah take great mercy upon him. I ask Allah to accept him with the righteous and the martyrs, O Lord. Do not imagine that a martyr is only someone with whom you've always agreed throughout your life. If you had a different point of view from him, and then he was killed, this would not negate his martyrdom. Now this man (i.e. bin Laden) had religion wealth, and he was able to spend millions in the path of Allah, and speak the word of truth with power. However, he preferred to sacrifice his flesh, his offspring, his family, and his wealth, and go to the front lines to work in the path of Allah. The most glorious among us are always the martyrs. May Allah have mercy on him. The testimony which he obtained was a great fortune. I suppose that he—and Allah is his judge now—is among those of whom it is said, “If only my people knew,” Allah-willing. May Allah take great mercy upon him, and I ask Almighty Allah that the Muslims may soon be able to avenge him, as well as all of the martyrs of Islam, such as ‘Abdallah ‘Azam, Ahmad Yasin, and others, O Lord." 


Translating Jihad


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