Inget offensivt militärt jihad - inget islam (utom möjligtvis i Medina)

Kristenheten är på fall och lämnar fältet öppet för islam, delvis för att den av flera olika skäl har tappat mycket av den ursprungliga appellationskraften, men också för att den inte har lärt av historien, 1400 års jihad, heligt krig mot de otrogna. Kyrkan visar upp en total brist på insikt i vad islam verkligen representerar, och återknyter mer än gärna till det omhuldade muslimska epitetet "bokens folk" som ett bevis för de tre Abrahamistiska religionernas gemensamma värdegrund och underförstådda likhet. När representanter för islam här i väst talar om vikten av dialog över religionsgränserna, för fred och en ökad ömsesidig förståelse, hakar prelaterna trosvisst på då man ju själv tror på fred och dialog. Föga förstår man det uppenbara, taqiyyan, islam har kommit för att dominera - inte för att vara jämställd, och att islams yttersta mål är att ersätta alla andra religioner och samhällssystem. Samtidigt som man på olika sätt försöker förbättra islams positioner i det fria och sekulariserade väst, bland annat genom interreligiös dialog och samverkan så hålls minoritetsreligionerna kort i den islamska världen.

I den vit-tvättade falska bilden av islam framställs jihad främst som en inre kamp, strävan för att bli en bättre människa, att det jihad som omnämns i såväl koran som i hadither primärt handlar om offensiv militär krigföring talas det tyst om. Det vaskas och det tvättas, till och med i skolböckerna i U.S.A framställs jihad på det politiskt korrekta sättet medelst hitsorieförfalskning. Faktum är utan jihad inget islam, förutom möjligtvis då i Medina.

Detta är det islam den europeiska kristenheten mötte då islam fortfarande hade övertaget och inte var i behov att ljuga och förställa sig.

Österrike, slaget/belägringen av Wien 1683
"The main Turkish army finally invested Vienna on 14 July. On the same day, Kara Mustafa sent the traditional demand for surrender to the city. Ernst Rüdiger Graf von Starhemberg, leader of the remaining 11,000 troops and 5,000 citizens and volunteers with 370 cannons, refused to capitulate. Only days before, he had received news of the mass slaughter at Perchtoldsdorf[, a town south of Vienna whose citizens had handed over the keys of the city after having been given a similar choice.
..The Ottoman siege cut virtually every means of food supply into Vienna, and the garrison and civilian volunteers suffered extreme casualties. Fatigue became such a problem that Graf Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg ordered any soldier found asleep on watch to be shot. Increasingly desperate, the forces holding Vienna were on their last legs when in August, Imperial forces under Charles V, Duke of Lorraine beat Imre Thököly of Hungary at Bisamberg, 5 km northeast of Vienna."

Ungern, slaget vid Mohács 1526
"The Hungarian army waited for the Ottomans on the plain south of Mohács on 29 August and was routed in less than two hours. Both archbishops , five bishops and some 20 barons were killed, among them the judge royal, John Drágfi, with the Royal banner in his hands, the Master of the Horse, George Bátori, Count George Szapolay, Amrose Sárkány, Anthony Pálóci, gabriel Perényi and many others. The infantry, left on its own as usual, was slaughtered after a fierce resistence. Some of the lords, the palatine among them, managed to escape, but the king was drowned when, in flight from the field, he tried to cross the flooding Csele creek in full armor"

Byzans/Öst-Rom, slaget om Konstantinopel 1453
"Some days later a messenger came from the Sultan to advis the people of Constanople to surrender and save themselves from certain slavery or death. They could stay where the were on payment of a yearly tribute of 100000 gold coins... The defence wavered. The jannisaries saw thei chance. Constantine and his troops fought onwith desperation but without much hope after their Genoese allies left them to it. The jannisaries gained control of the outer wall and then scaled the inner wall as well. Meanwhile a band of about fifty Turks broke in through a little gate in the wall called Kerkoporta. They were the first of the sultan´s army to enter the city... The emperor did all that he could to rally them. At the end the fighting had become hand to hand. It was fiercest at the gate called St Romanos where the inner wall had been breached; and it was probably there that Constantine Palaiologos was last seen alive. He had thrown away his regalia. he was killed fighting as a common soldier to stem the flood of infidels pouring into his Christian city"

Serbien, slaget vid Kosovo Polje 1389
"The Turks advanced into Serbia in June 1389 and the Serb forces marched to meet them. The two armies camped at Kosovo Polje. Lazar commanded the Serbs and Sultan Murad I commanded in person the Ottoman troops.... Awild battle betwwen the two armies then followed which resulted in the bulk of both armies were wiped out. In the course of the battle Lazar was captured and, upon being taken to Beyazid, executed. ... At the end of the battke the remnants of the Turkish army held the field while the remnants of the Serbian and Bosnian troops withdrew."

Frankrike, slaget vid Poitiers/Tours 732/33
"Taking boldness as his counsellor Prince Charles set the battle in array against them (the Arabs) and came upon them like a mighty man of war. With Christ´s help he overran their tents, following hard after them in the battle to grind them small in their overthrow, and when ´Abd ar-Rahman perished in the battle he utterly destroyed their armies, scattering them like stubble before the fury of his onslaught; and in the power of Christ he utterly destroyed them. So did he triumph over all his enemies in this glorius day of victory".

Spanien 711
"After an initial probe of the southern coast of Iberia in 710, an outright invasion was mounted in 711 by Tariq, commander and frredman of the Arab governor of the province of Africa... Ater defeating another visigothic army near Ecija east of Seville, Tariq sent light forces to see what they might effect at malaga in the southern littoral while he proceeded north against Toledo. It was a daring but logical move if he wished to paralyze further resistance and to seize the royal treasury... On his march he found Cordova undefended and took it; arriving thence in Toledo..."

Detta var på den tiden då de kristna prelaterna ansåg sig ha någonting att slåss för, idag lägger de sig som oftast platta och tjänar mest som dörrmatta när islam knackar på och vill in.


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