London Olympics 2012 - Minnestund för de mördade Israeliska idrottsmännen (1972) kan väcka muslimernas ilska

Times Online kunde man igår läsa att Michael Mumisa, en av de muslimer som av Scotland Yard har hyrts in som speciella experter på muslimska frågor inför de kommande Olympiska spelen i London 2012, nu varnar för att minnesstunden för de 11 Israeliska idrottmännen som mördades av det Palestinska Svarta September under Olympiaden i München 1972 kan komma att förvandlas till ett nationellt säkerhetsproblem om det inte hanteras på ett "riktigt sätt.".

Nu förväntas alltså arrangörerna gå på tå i samband med minnesstunden, allt för att inte förarga muslimerna, av vilka många på goda grunder kan antas sympatisera med illdådet. En annan orsak till oro är att spelen sammanfaller med Ramadan och att polisen i sitt arbete (enligt Edward Kessler, chef för den interreligiösa Woolfe Institutet) kommer att möta trötta och hungriga muslimer som kanske inte alltid är på sitt bästa humör då det inte har ätit på 18 timmar. Det är ju sådant man får ta då man inte har tillmötesgått muslimernas önskemål om att få spelen flyttade till efter Ramadan, eller?

Abstract: Muslims may take offence by the commemoration of the murdered Israeli athletes of the 1972 Olympics in Münich, Germany. A Scotland Yard muslim adviser warns that it could become a national security threat not right handled since it might arose anger among the muslims. What is obviously requested is a tiptoe for the sympatizers of the muslim killers.


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Dom vågar inte ens hålla minnesstund om buss- och tunnelbaneattackerna. Någon musse skulle ju kunna bli förnärmad och starta upplopp.

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DATE: 29.10.08
Updated: 10:29

The Met Police have rejected a national newspaper’s claims that Ramadan coinciding with the 2012 Olympics has increased the security threat.

It has also now been reported that the Times' claim that an Islamic scholar allegedly warned the paper that the timing of the games could create a security threat is unfounded.

It has now emerged that Sheikh Michael Mumisa, a respected Cambridge Scholar, said nothing of the sort and that journalists must act responsibly.

Chief Inspector Andy Goldstone from the Met Police Olympic Security Directorate agrees there should not be a problem.

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Richard Kerbaj is a LEBANESE ARAB from Australia who worked for AL-MANAAR TV CHANNEL (a HIZBOLLAH CHANNEL) as an intern. NOT a very good guy

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Dog-whistle journalism: http://www.mwaw.net/2008/10/30/dogwhistle/The Times, Ramadan and the London Olympics

BY Dave Crouch

Grumpy Muslims in 2012 Olympics terror shock! When Muslims are feeling tired and hungry during Ramadan they present a terrorist danger, alleges the Times.

The story is so pathetic that it barely warrants serious discussion. But it’s there in the Times. On page 4. And the article is typical of so much media reporting of Islam.

The paper published this “news” item on October 27 under the headline “Police warned of Ramadan tension during 2012 Games”.

The story claimed that Scotland Yard was concerned that the 2012 Olympics in London would “clash” with Ramadan, making it harder to “reduce tensions between Muslims and police” during the Games.

Instead of offering any proof, however, that a religious festival could present a problem for police, the Times article switched in its second paragraph to speculation about terrorism. The 40th anniversary of the shoot-out at the Munich Olympics – in which 9 Israeli hostages died after they were taken hostage by Palestinians – meant there was an “Islamic terrorist threat” to the 2012 Games, the paper said.

Only then did the story returned to Ramadan and the London Olympics. It quoted the head of the highly respected Woolf Institute of Abrahamic Faiths that the police would need some basic training to deal with religious issues that might arise during the Games: “During Ramadan you’re going to have a lot of tired, hungry, less evenly tempered people because they haven’t eaten for 18 hours.”

The implication is clear: tired, hungry Muslims are more likely to lose their temper and… commit a terrorist attack on the Games.

MWAW contacted Dr Ed Kessler, head of the Woolf Institute. He wrote back that he was “very unhappy” with the Times article, which “failed to depict the conversation” that he had had with the paper’s reporter. He said it was “sensationalism of the worst kind” and was “inaccurate in its reporting about the Olympics, Ramadan and the proposed Munich commemoration”.

Dr Kessler has written to the Times to complain, but the paper has yet to publish his letter.

The Times’ method is clear: take a bit of flimsy information from the police, slap on some unrelated speculation about terrorism, throw in a quote – torn out of context – from a respected source to make the piece appear reasonable, and let the reader draw their own racist conclusions. The article is constructed to make it appear that fasting during Ramadan makes Muslims more likely to commit a terrorist atrocity.

This is dog-whistle reporting: the article is couched in reasonable language but sends out a clear message that Islam is dangerous.

It is because of reporting of this kind that MWAW is holding its conference this year on Islamophobia.

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The respected London paper THE JEWISH CHRONICLES (JC) has also discredited the TIMES ARTICLE:

Leon Symons
October 30, 2008

Allegations that a police trainer has labelled a proposed commemoration of the Munich Olympics massacre at the 2012 London Olympics "a security threat" have been vehemently denied.

[WOOLF INSTITUTE'S] executive Director Edward Kessler, said: "Sheikh Mumisa's words have been twisted in a way that is not accurate. I know what was said because I was there throughout the course. We were very unhappy with what appeared because it did not reflect the course that the officers took.

"We are not experts in terrorism, we are experts in faith and interfaith and that's what they were here to learn. It was a very positive programme which dealt with subjects including antisemitism and Islamophobia."......

Alex Goldberg, chief executive of the London Jewish Forum, said that any commemoration would be "up to the families of those who died, with the Israel Olympic Association and, ultimately, the International Olympic Committee to decide what it will be".


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