28 skäl att lämna islam

Jag hittade den här artikeln/deklarationen på Islam Watch och fångades av den, läs den och om du är vid dina sinnens fulla bruk förflytta markören en aning åt vänster och klicka dig in och skriv på UPPROPET STOP FÖR SHARIA. Som sagt läs och begrunda.

Why I want to leave Islam
by Anonymous

Below are a list of reason why I would like to leave Islam:

1. That my religion's founder called women, "a toy" (Tuffaha, Ahmad Zaky, Al-Mar'ah wal-Islam, Dar al-Kitab al-Lubnani, Beirut, first edition, 1985, p. 180)
2. That my religion forces my sister and mother to wear a burka, long sleeved shirt (and maybe even a jacket to which I have seen women have to wear!) even in 120 degree weather
3. That even if my sister and mother do wear this crap, they still are groped, pinched, harassed and even raped!
4. That my dad can beat my mother and not even be asked about it (Ibn-Kathir, "a man must not be asked why he beat his wife." -sura 4:34)
5. That my dad can force my mother to be in her room as long as he wants:
6. That my sister's and mother's testimony automatically means one half a man's testimony just because they are women! (sura 2:11)
7. That my own clerics defend the rape of non-muslim women by muslim men CALLING IT THE FAULT OF THE WOMEN!
9. That my god was the pagan moon-god of the Arabians
10. That my founder married a 6 year old girl
11. That whenever truth is brought out about my founder, my own people will threaten to kill those who are bringing out the truth
12. That my fellow-believer (who are restaurant and pastry owners) are putting crap in their food when they sell it to non-muslims
13. That my fellow-believers can throw gasoline upon a woman (even if she steps outside the house and talks to a man!) set her ablaze AND CALL IT AN "HONOR KILLING!":
14. That many of my clerics around the world are calling for bloodshed against the non-Muslim
15. That my own holy book condones war against the non-muslim
16. That those who deny my holy book condones war against the non-muslim are "watering down" my holy book just to make it say something they want it or not want it to say
17. That those who "water down" my holy book matters well do that to the whole koran
18. That my holy book says god "leads those who he will" and "misleads those who he will."
19. That Saudi textbooks call Christians "swine" and Jews "condemnable" AFTER MY OWN LEADERS TRY TO APPEASE THEM TO THEIR FACES HAVING A DOUBLE-STANDARD!
20. That my leaders will keep blaming Israel and the US for it's own troubles!
21. That sexual intercourse is ONLY for the man, and not the woman (contemporary Muslim commentator)
22. That my mom has to please my dad at all times in order for her to enter paradise (Hadith no. ii, 60)
23. That although women outnumber men in hell, she MAY be able to slip into paradise ONLY if she is totally obedient, and TOTALLY pleasing to her husband at the time of her death.
24. That it is said, "When a woman comes she comes in the form of a devil." (Hadith no. 3240).
25. That it is said, "The support of the woman (nafaaqa) is obligatory on the man in return for the woman being locked up in the man's house, and for being exclusively his." ('Abd ar-Rahman al-Gaziri, al-Fiqh 'ala al-Mazahibib al-Arba'a, Dar al-Kutub al-'EElmeyah, 1990, vol. 4, pg. 495.)
26. THAT A MAN HAS THE RIGHT TO PREVENT HIS WIFE FROM CARING FOR HER CHILD FROM A PREVIOUS MARRIAGE ("The husband has the right to prevent his wife form looking after and breast feeding her baby, from her previous husband, (if she was living in the husband's house), because that will make her too busy to attend to the husband, and it will affect her beauty and cleanliness, all these are the rights of the husband alone." (Hanafites.--'Abd ar-Rahman al-Gaziri, 1990, vol. 4., p. 488.)
27. That when Islamists complain about how "they are treated" in other countries, in their own countries they burn churches, kidnap non-Muslim women, persecute them and even kill them if they convert from Islam calling it "honor killing" (like, the guy in Saudi Arabia--never prosecuted for cutting out his daughter's tongue and brutally killing her.
28. That "Honor killings" are not prosecuted even if it's a Muslim daughter or wife.

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